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Second Sinner's Story

He made himself lick the blood from his fingers like the vampires on television did.

Part 1, The Demon's Tales
Part 2, The First Sinner's Story
Part 3, The Second Sinner's Story Prologue

This is the story of a vamplet who thought he was badass and what became of him. (Which is nothing good because if it turned out well the demon wouldn't have liked the story.)

Once there was a very spoiled boy.  He was a prince, or at least as close as one gets to a prince in modern America.  His parents were famous and he never wanted for anything.  He felt the entire world was there just to do for him.  Once, at hockey practice, he paid a teammate $20 to tie his skates for him since he couldn't be bothered to bend down and do it himself.  For a moment the locker room was quiet as his less fortunate teammates decided if he was or was not joking.  Finally one shrugged and said sure, he'd do it.  The coach found out about it and was furious.  He said that if the prince was too lazy to tie his own skates he was too lazy to play.  He was benched the next game, but only for one period.  After that they were losing and the coach decided he had to put his best player in.  The prince scored a hat trick and they wound up winning by one.  This incident taught the prince two things: first, that there was always someone who would do anything for money, and second, that the rules did not apply to him.

Perhaps he would have been less insufferable if he had any weaknesses, but he did not.  He could always run the fastest, hit the hardest, get all As on his homework, win the lead role in the school play, and play violin like a prodigy, whether or not he practiced.  But for all his gifts and abilities and intelligence and strength, he still wanted more.  Because there were times when he truly had to compete and try to be the best.  It was never against a single other person.  No one person could be as marvelous at everything as he was.  But one would be able to run as fast as him.  Another would be as good at violin.  And last year he had nearly lost the title of Homecoming King to another boy whose only knack was making friend and being handsome.  It had come down to two votes which were the prince's own that he had to sneak into the ballot box later.

What was worse was that his perfection would not always last.  He would not always be the strongest and best looking.  He would get old and his skin would sag and his hair turn gray (he could not fathom that he would go bald), and he would have to work to keep his middle from spreading.  It was a terrible fate and it would not do.  He was more special than anyone and he should always be like that.

One day he was watching television and came across a show about vampires.  The vampires were sexy and faster and stronger than humans.  They did not age or wither.  They did not die.  And on top of this, there was an irresistible charm to them.  It was everything the prince wanted and he set out to find a vampire to turn him.

Everything is possible if one has enough money and the full story of his finding a vampire and being turned into one is boring, so we'll skip that part and go to the night after he became a vampire on his 21st birthday.

The prince, now even stronger and faster and handsomer than before, gloried in his new form.  He tested his now super limits, leaping up to impossible heights and lifting cars with one hand.  He grabbed at pretty women's breasts and asses as he passed them in the streets, secure knowing that even if there was a boyfriend or husband to protect her, he would be no match for the prince.  He felt invincible.

The vampire who had turned him tried to tell him of the rules.  That they are a fragile and dying breed.  That the prince would need to be careful.  At least that was how the vamplet told the story to the demon, who was soft-hearted and preferred when victims deserved their fate.  That happened so rarely in life.

The prince, of course, was not careful.  He broke into an apartment and murdered everyone there: a woman, a man, and their three cherub cheeked children.  He felt no remorse.  Only power.  He reveled in licking the blood, or at least he did the first time.  The first sign that being a vampire was not like the visions in television was the warm, thick feel of blood in his mouth.  It reminded him of the meals they gave his grandmother when she could no longer chew anymore.  Things like meatloaf put through a blender. The first time he drank it he gagged.  Still, he made himself lick it from his fingers like the vampires on television did, just for the feeling of being strong and bad ass.

There was a problem though.  It was one thing to revel in blood and power for effect, but here there was no one to enjoy the effect.  No one watching as he conquered the family and brought them to a gory death.  No one to appreciate him.  He sat the corpses of the family up and pretended they were his audience, but as he had little imagination, this did not work.

The next night he knew better.  He left one alive to watch him kill and eat her family.  Though he wasn't very hungry, so he didn't eat much.  But still, he was a vampire and felt he should kill.  He made the girl smile and clap for him.  She did all this through frightened tears and he enjoyed that he had someone who would do what he wanted and he didn't even need to give her money for it.

That night the other vampires of the city found him to give him a warning.  He had to be careful.  He was bringing too much attention to himself.  The humans will notice and find him.  But of course he did not listen.  It made him moody and cross all the next day.

That night he hunted again, even though he really wasn't hungry now.  The other vampires watched in fear, deciding how and when to kill him before it was too late and the humans noticed and went hunting for all the vampires.  It was too late though.  The humans had noticed and were banding together.

They found the prince first and came during the day, when he was sleeping.  They came with garlic and crosses and stakes made of hawthorne.  They staked him in the heart, which they then ripped out and burned and drank the ashes mixed with bourbon as they toasted each other on their fine kill.  But it wasn't enough.  They knew there were others.  They hunted them all down and killed them, even the ones who hadn't killed in a hundred years.  Because to them all vampires were the same and to be eradicated, not just the stupid and cruel ones.  And this was how the second sinner's story ended.

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