Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Madness of Cats

The Madness of Cats

Cats are madness, aren't they? Little fur packets of madness and sunlight and darkness with dabs of anger and haughtiness thrown in. This is why they are irresistible.  The story of how cats came to be is much like the story of Eve being taken from Adam's rib.  Cats were taken from our madness, created out of emotions we wished we could hide or remove.  They sprang from us whole, created as we fell asleep one day.  But like Eve, who did not take all of Adam's ribs away, the cats did not remove those emotions.  They do not embody them.  It is simply where they were created from, and then they walked away.

The Madness of Dogs

Dogs are not mad.  They are the most sane creatures in the world, excepting cows.  Both need specific diseases to make them truly crazy.  Dogs understand the world better than we do.  They understand us better than we do.  Anytime you are unsure what to do, ask a dog.  Dogs will give you the wisest answers.

The Madness of Bees

You've probably been told that bees talk to each other in interpretive dance.  That they move side to side an up and down, telling all the other bees the exact locations of flowers.  This is mostly true.  But sometimes its just that they're teaching a zumba class.

The Madness of Humans

I'm sure you are expecting my rebuke of us, how we, with our wars and politics and policies, are the maddest creatures of all. But cats have us beat in the area of most madness considering they were created from madness (see above). And you probably already about our wars and politics and policies. You don't need me to tell them to you and if I did we would simply both nod and agree the human race is unutterably mad and nod and feel wise, when we are not as mad as cats, or as wise as dogs, or as good at dancing as bees. But humans always feel we must be in every story. That in some way all stories are centered around, for, and about us. So I felt obliged to add us in, even though this story is simply about bees and dogs and cats.

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