Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Fly in the Web-- Part 2

Part 1

The first day

From her little cubical she could not see the rain that fell all that day, but she could hear the drops on the roof and she knew her walk home would be wet and cold. Especially since she had forgotten her umbrella. But by the time she was ready to leave the rain had stopped and the sun was beginning to see if it wanted to come out again that day or just remain tucked away behind the clouds.

The streets were very dirty and they were not well drained and so there were many puddles near the curb. Sometimes passing cars would run through them and may a big splash on the sidewalk next to it. Some sections of the sidewalk were nearly dry and some were still very wet because of this. But the road was wide and it was simple for drivers to avoid the puddles unless they wanted to see the splash.

The rusted out Toyota was filled with boys who wanted to see the splash. They were three brothers just out from school and enjoying the freedom of the eldest now having a license. They were not going anywhere in particular except to find the roads with especially big puddles, call out scores based on how big the splash, and declare extra points for dousing pedestrians.

The boys saw the woman and knew she was the perfect target, dressed as she was in her nice work clothes and with no umbrella. They bellowed with joy at the trouble they were about to cause.

The car hit the puddle perfectly. A tidal wave of muddy water rose into the air, so high it arced over the woman's head. She had just enough time to look up and see the underside of the wave before it came crashing down.

But not on her.

Inside the car the boys howled with shock as they were doused in dirty water. The car swerved first this way, then that way, until it finally ran off the road and into a pole.

The boys got out, shaking water from their clothes and barking swear words at each other, wondering what had just happened. The woman laughed and went home completely dry and warm. The boys went home as well, cold, wet, and angry at each other because they didn't understand how to be angry with themselves.

The car was mostly undamaged, but the bumper needed to be replaced and those are expensive.  They had to work all summer to pay for the repairs.Their parents were angry and took away the eldest's car privileges and they had to go back to riding the bus to school.

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I will try in the future to make the posts long enough that they are only about 2 or 3 parts, not much waiting for the next bit. But at the moment I am writing in bits and snatches as I finish my finals for school, so this one might take until Saturday. I'm not entirely sure what would be easiest for the readers, so if you have ideas on how you'd like this structured, how many posts for a story, and so forth, let me know in the comments. Thank you.

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